Award & Degree Acceptance

Now lies the task of writing your award, degree acceptance speech. After the elation of receiving a nomination, award or degree is the realisation that a speech will be expected of you.  Giving a speech can be a daunting task and this should not be allowed to overshadow the joy and honour of receiving an award.  It is important to achieve a balance in your speech that conveys that you are both humble and sincere. Similarly, you must ensure that you express that you are honoured, but not arrogant. A good acceptance speech must sound like it is from the heart, it must be emotive. Remember that a big long list of names of those you would like to thank can be boring to the listener and if you do name individuals ensure that you don’t miss anyone out.

If you are still unsure what to say, then can craft a professional award, degree acceptance speech that will reflect your personality and the nature of the award. Helpful advice and guidance on speech delivery is all part of the service, leaving you to bask in the glory of your achievement.

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