Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah

Marking the shift from boy to young man or from girl to young woman is hard enough, but when you have to make a speech at your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, there’s that much more pressure added. Speechesforyou can assist with your bar mitzvah speech or your bat mitzvah speech.

If you’re the boy or girl having the bar or bat mitzvah, there are all those expectations: that you say something related to your Torah portion and appear to have understood your new standing in the Jewish world. You want to make sure your bar mitzvah speech or bat mitzvah speech isn’t just a drawn out thank you, but something that reflects on the things that interested you in your Torah or Haftorah portion. And you want your bar mitzvah speech or bat mitzvah speech to reflect who you really are at age 12 or 13. By providing our speech writers with a list of your hobbies, favourite things to do, your own feelings about your new status of having to take on responsibility for being part of the Jewish people now as a full member, we’re here to help you make it easier, working with you to make you sound like your bar or bat mitzvah isn’t just about the presents and the party, but also about your new status as a Jew.

If you are the mother or father of the bar or bat mitzvah, you want to perhaps also relate to something in the weekly portion. If your child loves animals and happens to have her or his big day fall on the portion of Breishit, you could relate to that in to your speech. The same holds true for other portions, and we will work with you to make sure your speech at the bar or bat mitzvah touches on both family connections, but also includes your feelings about seeing your child’s changing status in the Jewish people, or including memories of your or the child’s bar or bat mitzvah celebrations.

As with all our speeches, we emphasize a feel-good message, solid connection to the weekly portion if desired, and a bar mitzvah speech or bat mitzvah speech for youngsters and their parents that will leave the guests feeling you know your material and have gone the extra mile to produce a bar mitzvah speech or bat mitzvah speech that’s entertaining, educational and moving on your son or daughter’s big day.

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