So, you have been asked to give a charity speech, what a great honour. Charity is always viewed as a righteous mission of expressing goodwill, compassion, support, friendship and shows a readiness to help, and whilst most people would be only too happy to help such a noble cause, giving a charity speech can be an overwhelming task. Speaking on behalf of a charity can be very daunting, as your speech will form the basis of the audience’s opinion of that charity and ultimately whether to support it. When the weight of attracting new sponsorship lies in the power of your words, it’s often a case of knowing where to begin.

The charity speech is based on the concepts of love, justice, equity, faith, peace, and happiness. It is important to use statistical data to inform the audience about the money donated and any targets that the charity has.  Inform the audience about the fundraising organisation, its founding ethos, the staff involved in the project, the beneficiaries, cause and its achievements to date to create an effect of emotional and spiritual unity amongst the members of the audience.  Avoid declarative statements and ensure that you can back up any facts and figures quoted with hard evidence and reliable sources if questioned later. can sculpt a charity speech that will embrace your audience, whilst providing you with helpful guidance on speech delivery.  With an experienced speech writer on board to craft the words carefully, combined with your commitment to the cause; a successful, credible and captivating charity speech will be achievable.

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