A survey revealed that the thing that most terrified the British public wasn’t being murdered or mugged – it’s the thought of having to stand up and speak in public.

The fact that you are reading this on the ‘speechesforyou’ website probably means that you too are faced with having to speak in public, and you are afraid! A wedding speech, family birthday, retirement party, business presentation or even, sadly, a funeral eulogy – whatever the occasion you will be feeling tense and anxious.

Well relax – at ‘speechesforyou’ we can provide practical help. We won’t banish the butterflies in the stomach but we can deal with the ‘3 Ps’ – Planning, Preparation and Practice.

You already may have had one of our speech writers work with you to create the perfect speech or perhaps you have written your own. If so, good, you’ve got the planning out of the way and possibly the preparation. Now all you need is the practice.

‘speechesforyou’ offers an online coaching service – wherever you are we will coach you to deliver the perfect speech. We provide:

  • Online tuition by an experienced trainer and presenter in the comfort of your home.
  • Coaching to make sure your delivery is at the right pace, with correct vocal projection and emphasis – knowing when to pause for effect and enjoy the laughter at a well timed joke!
  • Practical guidance to help you cope with nerves.
  • Advice on the use of ‘props.’
  • Review and revision of any speech you may have written yourself to ensure it flows and sounds good.

Choose a package to suit you:

  • 1 hour plus two half hour sessions
  • 1 hour stand alone session
  •  Stand alone half hour sessions
  • Speech review/ tidy up service of a speech written by you

For details of fees, click through to our costs page…

We won’t get rid of the nerves – even the most experienced actors feel nervous – but we will make sure you are confident and rehearsed so you can enjoy yourself.

You can get further information by emailing us at or calling us on:
0800 781 9906 or 07752 424419

Malcolm Highfield
Speech Writer

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