Masonry is full of opportune moments to say a few words while attending the Festive Board.

We can also write your toasts, which in many cases take the form of a short speech leading up to a toast.

Most importantly, it is not the length of the speech that is important (a point often emphasised at Masonic functions!), it is the content… which is where “speechesforyou” comes in! However, we need you, our client, to assist us to ensure that your bespoke speech is as relevant and as memorable as possible for its recipients. We are often asked to provide “templates” for a short ‘thanks to the visitors speech’ or for the ‘response’ – we always respectfully decline, because to do so invalidates the wholepoint of your speech being meaningful, which is just not possible using a template.

Your speech/toast will be written by a member of the Grand Lodge of England and Wales, usually (wherever possible) by a member of the same Masonic Order for which the speech is intended, sothat there might well be suitably-cautious references to Masonic ritual in the speech. However, Masonic ritual does, of course, vary between Masonic Orders and within and across geographic constitutions… that which might be “correct” in one Lodge might be frowned upon, or perhaps not even understood, in another. So, it is important for us to know as much as possible about those to whom you will be speaking. When we provide you with a draft, we will, whenever possible, do so with plenty of notice so that you can read through it and comment on anything about which you might have a query or concern.

We are proud of our track record in providing quality speeches for every occasion, and we will not besatisfied by the result until you are!

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