Advice for use of mementoes or photographs during your speech.

Whatever occasion your speech is for you want it to be highly successful, you may consider the use of ‘props’ such as old photographs, mementoes or other items.  For example a Father of the Bride may have some family photographs of his daughter growing up, perhaps has retained a few items from her childhood or teenage years.  Used in the right way such items can enhance a speech.  If you want to use some items we will discuss this with you and how they can be included in your speech.

To successfully use such items consideration also has to be given to the venue, its size, number of guests, will you be using a microphone and other such considerations.

For example; Wedding guests of 40, situated in a small function room with no microphone.   

This would be the most ideal scenario for the use of props, the room is small enough for everyone to hear you and see you.  If photographs are used you would need to ensure that everyone will be able to see them, so they need to be large enough, perhaps roughly A3 size or slightly larger. You will be busy concentrating on your speech so you will need to enlist someone to hold them up for you at the appropriate time.   If you have some mementoes you should be able to show these yourself or you may need an additional volunteer to help.  

If the venue was much larger with say, 150 guests and the availability of a microphone; whether you use props or not you would need to ensure that all the guests will hear you, this may need a test of the system before the reception, there is nothing worst for the guests at the back of the room to only hear the odd word.   You may be able to do this as part of your advance preparation or it may be on the day itself.  However, if you are using photographs or other mementoes you will need to plan in advance, you may need about four copies of each photograph and of course a volunteer to hold each one up.  You will not need to consult a seating plan for this as once you have identified the volunteers  they can easily move about the room to best position themselves during your speech. If you have some mementoes to show, you will have to decide if guests would adequately be able to see the item as you hold it up, if you are unsure you could hold the original up and have your volunteers hold a photograph up.

We will help advise what items might be suitable and your speech writer will work with you to fit them it to your speech.

Extract from a father of the Bride speech as to how things can be used;

The parents among us will know how important it is to keep little mementos of our children growing up. Recently I found this picture of Laura, what a clean girl  [show picture of Laura with dirty face].
And this [hold up soap] Then I found this picture of her in her high chair. And this cake. [hold up a small cake].  Laura putting on makeup. And this lipstick. [Hold up lipstick].  And finally, this picture of Laura aged about 5  [show picture]. And this dress [hold up dress].  And finally this picture [show picture-potty]  Laura just escaped as I pressed the shutter, you will be pleased to know I didn’t keep any memento.

From these items, only the dress was an item that was kept, however, the guests did not know that, the lipstick, cake and soap were all purporting to be over 20 years old, with the picture of a potty purchased from a £1 store being the end punch line.

If you are the Father of the Bride, you may want to prepare a series of photographs to be shown on a screen or suitable wall during the reception, Mark at can produce for you a “Storybook” of your still photos and digital video clips. This can be a series of childhood photographs right through to adult photographs of your daughter, including other family members, friends or even pets. This will depict a timeline of the life of your daughter.

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