Sports Event

Speaking at a sports event is one of the most daunting challenges for any public speaker. Whether it’s a serious event such as a conference, or a more light-hearted occasion like an awards ceremony or a dinner, the audience will share a common passion, which the speaker must understand and embrace in the sports event speech.  In many cases the audience will also be in high spirits and expecting to be well entertained. The stakes are high.

As with all types of speech, the secret of success is good preparation. Take the trouble to find out the issues that unite your audience and a few well chosen references will get them on your side. The characters within the club, league or whatever are also a rich source of material, but it’s no good trying to poke fun at the club clown if you don’t fully understand that character’s role and standing.

Ultimately, a sports audience will embrace you if you can convince them in the sports event speech that you are one of them. You may come from a different club or league, you may even come from a different sport, but if you can tap into their passion for sport, and offer anecdotes that they can relate to their own experiences, you will win them over. will help to assess what you know about your audience and what you need to know, drawing on our experience of speaking at a variety of sports events to put together a sports event speech that will be credible, sincere and entertaining.

Tim Glynne-Jones

Speech Writer

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